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Welcome and thank you for visiting Cedona Holly's Website...

Each day heralds a new dawn

with limitless opportunities to  set new intentions and make new commitments!

My entire life has been positively transformed by my heartfelt prayers and commitments, so I wish to share this gift - and many others - with you!


My classes and sessions can assist you with becoming more aligned with your bigger Self, your Sacred Self, in tune with your deeper Heart, more Embodied and more connected to the Earth and all those you wish to connect with. Conscious Breathing, Body Attunement, Manifesting through Prayer, and a deeper peace and calm can be yours with your sincere intentions.

                                 May all be blessed...

I am now offering "Micro Yoga" Meditation online. This is micro movements you cannot see but you can feel. For more mindfulness deeper joy, peace and body relaxation. Please contact me to find out more.
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