Messages from Higher Self 

In 1997 I was taken through an hour long shamanic initiation which was intended to help me open to channel. While I first brought through the wisdom of the white brotherhood beings of light, since then my only interest has been to channel the wisdom of my own higher self. I have been encouraged to share the 6 pieces below. As always the higher aspects of ourselves are filled with love and encouragement to make a better world. These came through in the space of 2 weeks at the end of 2016 and provide inspiration for today. May these offerings bless all...

Hope Faith Love 1 - Cedona Holly
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Hope Faith Love 2 - Cedona Holly
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Hope Faith Love 3 - Cedona Holly
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Hope Faith Love 4 - Cedona Holly
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Hope Faith Love 5 Christmas Day - Cedona Holly
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Hope Faith Love 6 - Cedona Holly
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