Strathcona Wilderness Park---Paradise Meadows.

Hello Everyone...

To celebrate my fifth year at this website I offer you a half hour session by donation through 2020. I am offering Guided Meditations, Prayers, EFT/Meridian Tapping, Spiritual Counseling and a combination of all of the above in one session. This time is reserved just for you to help you allow more Love, Balance and Connection to Spirit.


Please use the contact page to get in touch. There is now a donation button below to make your payment which is received with Gratitude.


Others who have benefitted from listening to the several hours of free audios on this site, as well as receiving the many beautiful Newsletters filled with Spiritual Wisdom and Beauty are also welcome to make a donation to help our work keep evolving. Thank you. All Blessings and Namaste....

Want some help to deepen into Love? This meditation may help you drop in deeper. About 6 min.

Breath of Love MeditationCedona Holly
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Thank you for your kind donation!

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    Paradise Meadows Photo by Cedona Holly 

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