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In 1997 I experienced a profound shift in consciousness which completely changed the course of my life. My sense of isolation disappeared. In its place came a new sense of Wholeness, where the bottomless well of unmet needs, known and unknown, was finally filled. During that initial opening I felt I received everything I had been missing.

I feel so blessed to have been able to continuously deepen my journey to experience ever more of who I really Am. My journey is ever deepening...

I have been so very blessed by this sacred path and am grateful to be able to share the gifts I have received.

My soul chose quite challenging life situations which have been the fuel to drive my extensive inner shadow clearing work, as well as my passion to make this world a better place. My entire family was deeply impacted by war traumas. I became a seeker of truth and have always cared deeply about what happens to this world: the humans, the animals and all of life. I bring a deep desire to facilitate personal and planetary healing.

I have come to understand that peace begins with us and no matter what heart-felt actions we take in the outer world, until we find peace inside of us, we cannot be optimal agents of change. I have dedicated my life since 1999 to embodying ever more deeply the Peace and Love of my true nature.

Lotus flower


I have spent the last 20 years in deep meditation and spiritual practice, which includes walking the "road less travelled": engaging in personal and collective shadow clearing. 

In 2009 I self published my first book: "Meditation Manual for the Modern Day Mystic". I have written and self published 3 books and have been facilitating meditations since 1997.


During my 3 month silent retreat in 2006, the kundalini life force energy spontaneously began to rise. This began my 3 year journey of opening to this energy. It completed its rise from root to crown and beyond in 2009. I share this because I tried to find support for this challenging part of my evolution and found it hard to find information which could help me. While I am certainly not a definitive authority on kundalini, because I have been through the magic and mystery of its rise, I may be able to support others on their journey with it. 

For my work here, I draw on countless trainings, intensives and Darshans. Some highlights:

I am a certified Spiritual Counsellor and Healer, Transformational Therapist, EFT practitioner and Reiki Master.  I completed a one month Buddhist Mahamudra training at the Denman Island Hermitage, Yoga Teacher Training , Chi Gong training, Hypnosis training and Hospice training. I also attended one semester of the White Lion Leadership Academy in South Africa in 2012 and wrote a children's book to assist the White Lions: "Over the Sun - How the White Lions Saved the World". I completed CoreLight's 5 year course in Enlightenment Studies in 2004.

I have a personal interest in health and healing through holistic means and studied with Paul Pitchford, author of "Healing with Whole Foods".


Lastly, I am a non denominational Minister, certified through CoreLight. I am forever grateful to Leslie Temple-Thurston for being the one who initiated me to discover my deeper Self. There are no words to express my gratitude for Leslie, for the treasured, life changing teachings I received, and for the high standards and integrity offered by CoreLight.

South Africa '04

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