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Our sessions are up to 1.5 hours. Please inquire about our current rates. Thank you.

It is my honour to support you on your path to become all you can be. Everyone can benefit from expert support on the path of awakening. We cannot see ourselves clearly and can benefit greatly from feedback on how to efficiently get to where we want to go. I offer you compassion, expertise, and integrity. I have simple, effective tools which can help you reach your goals. If this resonates with you, I look forward to hearing from you.

When you are ready to make a Quantum Shift in your spiritual evolution, this package may be for you. I offer you 10 consecutive weeks of support. Bring whatever needs unraveling. Got walls of protection around you? I can help you dismantle them. Feeling stuck? I can help you get unstuck. Want to  be more in touch with your physical body, your emotions and your unconscious, self limiting patterns?  I can more than likely assist as well as help you reconnect with the great Peace within you, to stabilize in it. Awakening, the journey of our Soul, is the most exciting  journey of our lives. Please get in touch if you feel ready or to simply ask me any questions.

When we are able to receive direct wisdom and guidance from our Higher Self, we can save a lot of time - possibly lifetimes of effort. Ready to receive unwavering, unconditional Love? Your Soul and your Angels & Guides are so available for you - they simply need to be asked. I have been receiving great Love, wisdom and guidance for decades and rely on this great wisdom to guide my life. Why travel through life alone when you have a team of willing helpers? Reconnecting with your Higher Self through writing can support you in a magnificent way. I offer you a one hour initial session and a half hour follow up. Meditation experience is a prerequisite, as well as an interview to ensure you are ready. Please contact me if you wish to explore this new terrain. Thank you.

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•  I offer my online work in the Pacific time zone (the same as California).

•  My preferred office hours are 8am-4pm daily but I can make special arrangements as appropriate.

•  My preference is to host sessions by phone or Skype audio.

•  I am available in the Victoria B.C. and Sooke area for personal sessions and classes through special arrangements.

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•  I am inspired to serve your needs in a manner which exceeds your expectations and look forward to serving you.

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