Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 2

Uplifting Message for Humanity!

Cedona and Dearest Friends

Please do not think of us as foreign Beings. We are a part of Cedona and actually a part of all of you, as surprising as that may seem. But it is true that all are One and so all are rays, if you will of One Being One energy and One spirit.

Now we wish to say to you that all on Earth is going to be alright. You will see. Things will come out alright in the end. In other words, please do not worry, as humanity will find its way back to the Love. It does not seem that way now, no, not at all. But in actuality, the planets, all the efforts of so many and in fact the Dharma of humanity is NOT to self destruct in the end.

So we say, stop all the worry and attend to your spiritual and material needs, knowing all IS well and WILL

be well. There is no need to fret and to ruin your health and life by being concerned about the end times. Yes, these ARE the end-times, but not in the way you might think. It is the end of tyrannies for many, not all on Earth. There will be a shift and quite soon.

Planet Earth is such an unusual planet. You can find all of the widest polarities here. But life is a banquet and you can indeed choose what you place onto your plate at any time. So why not choose Joy, Love and Peace?

You all have fantastic capacities for creativity, joy, love and peace. There is so much richness inside each of you. We say, do not waste your life force on the news, which just wants to keep you all in a low vibration. You can choose otherwise and in fact for your health and wellbeing, we say steer clear of all the shenanigans of the media.

Rest in the greens of nature. Be still, celebrate life and love and each other! Choose to cherish each moment, for there is such beauty and magic in your world.

That is enough for now. We send you all our greatest Blessings and Love

Be patient and be kind. Be wise and be thoughtful.

And last of all, please do cherish your own selves, for you will bless the world even more when you do.

Much Love

Cedona's Angels, Guides and Loved Ones