Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 4

Sept. 6, 2019

Dear Higher Self

These are challenging times for planet Earth. The Amazon forest is on fire, there are tragedies of all descriptions all over the globe. Much of humanity is choosing the fear vibration unconsciously. How can we find hope and faith in such challenging times? Please guide us. Thank you.

Dear Cedona and Friends. In actual fact humanity has made choices in the past which have had devastating effects on life itself. There have been extinctions before and yet humanity has come around again. So the challenges you are all facing are not totally new. Does that help you? Only if you understand that THIS time around you may in fact make it - IF you can all rally and choose LOVE.

We see there is great reluctance on the part of many to turn towards prayer. We understand it because of your religious betrayals and programming. But you can pray beyond all religious understandings you see. True prayer goes God-direct and God is the Totality of you - all of you. Do you understand this?

There is nothing and no one that is not God. Let that sink in please...

Therefore everyone and everything deserves respect, including you, including your so called enemies, all those you feel have wronged you, all those you feel are the bad guys, or even those you feel are way beyond the scope of your understanding. There is nothing and no one that is not God.

If you can fully grasp this, it will change your life and will give you a new Faith, that indeed all is well, even if it does not seem that way.

There are always tests on planet Earth. Your own Higher Self tests you daily. What will s/he choose today - love or fear? Your THOUGHTS, your words, your actions. And so you are actually sowing the seeds of your future by what you are choosing to focus on each day, like planting seeds in your Garden. What kind of Garden do you wish to grow for yourself and all Beings?

So we say, turn up the dial on your inner witness to watch more diligently what you are choosing in each moment - to observe the contents of your own mind in fact. And then if your Garden is not a pretty one or a thriving one, please make another choice - all is up to you!

A prayer for greater faith is also in order during these times. Short on Faith? Then pray to strengthen your faith. Each prayer is heard and responded to, even if you are not aware of it. So pray heartily! No holding back! Give it all you've got! You have nothing to lose and everything beyond your wildest dreams to gain.

No, praying for yourself is NOT selfish. How can it be selfish to want to become the fullness of who you are? The fullness of who you are serves all of life in a way your small self cannot do. So go for it!

We send you ever so much Love and many Blessings - for your highest evolution during these extraordinary times - designed for all of you to overcome all of your previous limitations.

The Divine Beings of Love, Light and Truth are ever watching and listening - can you feel them? Let them into your life. Use them, for they are a part of the Totality of you and want you to claim your rightful place in the higher realms.

That is all for now. In Love and Grace - with our deepest hopes and prayers for your full awakening on a personal and global level. Do not underestimate the power of your Love!

Cedona' Angels, Guides and Loved Ones.