Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 7

Dear Higher Self

Can you please give us a spiritual weather prediction for the month of November? Please let us know the unique opportunities if any, and what to be very mindful of. Thank you.

Cedona and all Readers. We would like to caution you to just one thing: the placement of your thoughts and feelings - the choices you make in each and every moment. Are they loving thoughts, or has your mind hood-winked you into believing you are not worthwhile after all, that you are doing it wrong and you will never amount to anything? As well that all of your efforts are useless and will never tip the scales to making the peaceful planet your Heart wants to see so much?

There is a hidden tyrant in each one of you and the times we are in are diligently bringing up all latent tyrannies of mind. Can you see your mind mirrored back to you in world events?

Can you finally bring yourself to humbly and purely clean up your own backyard, knowing that when you do, you serve all of life on Earth?

Nov. is a sweet month for evolving, very deeply in fact. It is a grand opportunity to clean up the bottom layers of your family conditioning, the karmas you brought with you and in gaining ground in places you have been reluctant to venture into.

There is more stability now in the New World, the new paradigm of the Heart and so this new stability can offer a more secure place for humanity to take a peek into the deep, dark box of hidden terrain, where it has not dared to venture before.

We say be joyful in this new adventure, knowing there is massive support for your highest evolution. But you must ask for help! Do not feel shy or reticent, as the Beings of Love are only too eager to assist you! Indeed, that is their very purpose dear Ones. So why not let them fulfill their purpose of helping you and humanity raise its frequency?

There is a deep humility that is required to do the inner healing work because it requires the ending of the game of blame and judgment, as well as owning the world as a perfect mirror for one's own unconscious mind. This is a hero's journey and requires tremendous dedication and surrender. Are you ready? What if YOUR healing and awakening could have a massive impact on the world? Would you take in on then? We say meditate on this please.

There is a turning of the tide in consciousness, recognizing that YOUR work is everyone's work, as all are connected. How perfect is that!

Yes, November is a potent month for inner and outer transformation. Go for the top of the mountain we say: fulfill your highest destiny of absolute freedom! Many are waiting, watching and supporting.

We send you all our love as always -

Cedona's Highest Self and Angels.