Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 3

I asked my Higher Self for personal guidance yesterday and feel inspired to share it with everyone, since it may well serve many. It sets us up so beautifully not only for my Compassion class, but for a future where we call into our Hearts whatever no longer serves us, whatever we are judging within us as well as outside of us. So self empowering to be able to heal and awaken in this simple and gentle way. Here is what came through.

Cedona! Are you going to listen deeply now, more deeply than ever before? If so, you need to get very, very quiet now. You need to still your mind. You KNOW how to do this and you have resisted. Please resist no longer. You MUST give up the ego now. You MUST allow the full awakening - for the sake of all beings. We are so ready to help you but you must release your resistance to the Silence of YOU!

Cedona's Angel Writing Blog

Please can you work on giving up your resistance now? In fact RIGHT NOW. Call all the resistant ones into your deepest Heart. Offer them the safety they have been yearning for. It is as simple as that! The Love and safety will escort them Home and you will then be free. Here we are, waiting, supporting. You can do this. We Love you! You WILL be free! Much Love! HS