Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 5

Sun. Oct. 13, 2019


Dear Higher Self

I am offering 2 presentations on BALANCE this week at the Church of Truth - Community of Conscious Living. Please can you give us your wisdom and guidance on the meaning and purpose of our Sacred Circle gatherings Oct. 16 and 20? Thank you.

Cedona and Friends

We are Cedona's Guides and Angels and her very Soul Essence who wish to say to you: Do not underestimate the power of your gatherings this coming week. Each moment you spend in perfect Balance, in Equilibrium, is of great Service to ALL on Planet Earth - all of Nature, Humanity and all of Creation in fact. So even though ego has a way of diminishing your spiritual Essence, these Gatherings uplift all who come to recognize and re-align with the depth and breadth of the Totality of Beingness of each One and all together. For the force-field of Love you all create in the name of Spirit, in the name of Love, in the name of a higher Peace has great influence on all of creation, as unlikely as that may seem to the smallness of the lower mind.

Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 5

So we say, do come and put your energy into creating this FIELD of perfect Balance, Harmony and Love, the Higher Consciousness contained in each person present. Be the courage of your deepest Heart in showing up to discover the perfect Balance already intact inside each one of you, just waiting to be discovered, or for some of you, remembered. Let Cedona and her Highest helpers take you by the hand and hold open the gates to enter into a most beautiful state of consciousness. You will come away feeling restored, rebalanced and perhaps even reborn. We salute you All and pray for humanity's return to reverence. Much Love and Many Blessings - Cedona's Higher Self.