Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 6

Cedona's Higher Guidance On BALANCE for her Church of Truth presentation Oct. 16

Dear Higher Self

I would love to hear your wisdom and guidance on Balance. How can we stay balanced during such turbulent times? Please guide us. Thank You.

Cedona and Friends

Such a good topic for discussion! We wish to say to you that you all have come here (Planet Earth) to work your inner landscape, to weed your inner garden so to speak, so that your inner Garden can be filled with the most beautiful flowers, no matter the weather prevailing.

This is no small task we know and we also know that very few up until now have seriously taken on the task of tending their inner garden, not nearly so much as people tend their outer gardens. Nothing wrong with spending blissful times amidst the flowers and greenery of your outer gardens! In fact we say YES, by all means luxuriate in the massive spiritual gifts of spending time on the Earth, your feet and hands in the very soil from which YOU have sprung.

To use the times you are in maximally for your Soul's highest evolution however, you must find a way now to tend to your own Inner Garden. The rewards will far exceed what you might have imagined possible.

Cedona can attest to this, as she herself has witnessed her own evolution to be more and more filled with Light, filled with Grace, filled with spiritual connectedness the more she took on the blessed work of doing her ego clearing work.

That is to say, to weed the garden of the very polarities which keep humanity in the SPIN of duality. And yet so few have known this truth: that each one of you contributes to the spin of consciousness - or conversely, to the deep Peace available to all in the very eye of the storm. So you each get to choose! Do you want to keep spinning or do you want to embody the eye of the storm?

à This evening's work and offering is to say yes to becoming the eye of the storm, to release your addictions to drama, which may be seen as quite similar to humanity's addiction to coffee! Do you really want to spend the rest of your life in a revved up state? You will neither serve your nervous system, nor the awakening of humanity.

We suggest you commit to the Peace of your True Nature. This is a very big commitment indeed. Become the beautiful flowers in your garden. Let yourself be humble and sweet, your faces to the sun, in a state of pure Beingness. Let the simplicity of life touch you deeply. Let go of complexity, of hoarding, even emails and courses and techniques!

Purify, simplify, be clean and clear and free of all of your attractions and repulsions. Then you can enter into the sweetness of your inner Garden, your true state of emptiness, where you become One with All and fulfill your highest Dharma of the awakened state.

We suggest new commitments with deep resolve for the extraordinary times you are in, when each action, each word and each thought has vast consequences for your Soul's evolution and the very evolution of humanity. Please take yourselves far more seriously than you have been until this moment. Witness clearly everything you do, everything you say and even everything you think. Employ new skills for these brand new times, for the acceleration of the energies are like no other time in the history of planet Earth. And with this acceleration comes brand new opportunities for you to achieve the completion of your karmic cycles.

We ask you to choose wisely. We ask you to turn up the dial on your self witnessing. And we send you all our Love and Blessings for a most glorious ride. Be not perturbed by the ups and downs of the times. Just hold your quiet centre and bless everything and everyone who comes your way.

Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 6

Om Shanti - Peace and Blessings. Cedona's Highest Self in deep reverence to all.