Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 8

Winter Solstice Sat. Dec. 21, 2019

Dear Cedona and Friends....

If you could have only one wish what would it be? Please sit with this a few moments now.

As you sit with this question all becomes clear on your focus at this time of your life on Planet Earth.

Are you still focused on YOU? Or have you made the transition to being in Service to all of Life on Earth? No right or wrong here. Only a little reality check.

All is well no matter how it seems. It is perfectly OK if you are still in the space of ego clearing, deep healing and receiving your bigger Self to the point when you make the inner shift to being able to look after the world. This happens when your own suffering has been mitigated, calmed and released, so you can Serve others.

Cedona is a great resource for relatively painless shadow clearing dear Ones. The EFT is magnificent as are many other modalities she is using now. Let her be your trusted guide! She has many areas of mastery!

Please use this Solstice window to set intentions, make global prayers and to allow the Love of the Divine, within and without to infuse your daily life with a beautiful sense of the sacred.

This Light, this Love is what you have come to experience and offer here. Please allow yourself to let it have you. Let your True Nature become your daily living, your trusted guide. There will be so much more joy and upliftment!

Do not give your power away any longer to authorities outside of you. Rather embrace your OWN spiritual power, your True Nature which is patiently waiting for you to tune in and receive it fully. Your time WILL come. Please meditate deeply inside of your deepest Heart, for this place is a great Gateway into Truth beyond all of your daily dramas and traumas.

We love you dearly and send everyone on planet Earth the deepest Blessings and Love at this critical time of humanity's higher evolution. You can help by paying attention to what is most important: the Love inside your very own heart.

Many blessings to All

Cedona's Higher Self