Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 9

Reading for 2020:

OK Cedona and Friends. As the Earth goes though her changes, and the Light is ever downloading in greater vibrations of cosmic awareness, we feel the biggest message we want you to hear is this.

There are those who wish to steal the power of humanity and we feel the best way to not only keep what power you have left but to increase it, is to build the Light and Love in your Spiritual Centre, in the middle of your chest - your deep Spiritual Heart.

While the Light there is just waiting for all to discover it, there are things humans do which drain their Light and also build their Light. 2020 is a big year for humanity.

Those who want all the power try to gain it in unscrupulous means. But you actually have MORE power, as the power of purity and Love rise victorious over the power of corruption and deviousness.

So we say: Do everything you possibly can to stay in the highest levels of integrity dear Ones. Ask to be shown the tiny lies you speak even to yourselves. Ask to be shown where you are corrupt in small ways and therefore exactly like the ones you detest.

Find your compassion for the places you lie, cheat and maybe even steal. Oh yes! For it is up to each human to become impeccable, as the ones you so wish could rule your political scenes. How can you possibly manifest impeccability if you yourselves are not impeccable? How can you manifest Peace on Earth, if you yourselves are not peaceful?

So we say, own the world as your very own self and become the change you wish to see in the world. You will be so very happy when you have done this. And this in fact IS awakening: becoming fully aware of your unconscious shadows and how you contribute to war and strife even though in your heart of hearts you say that is not what you want.

2020 is a big year. It will ask all you have to give to this ailing planet. It asks that you hold nothing back from RESTING, yes, resting in the Silence of your Soul. That you relinquish all your concepts, beliefs and patterns of corruption and more. Are you ready to witness your shadow so that you can release it and move beyond the dualities of ego? It is only the ego who keeps anyone in suffering! Beyond the ego, there is no suffering!

So dear Ones, contemplate your commitments for 2020. Might there be some new ones which would serve your awakening as well as the highest evolution of all beings? Please rest in the knowing that everything you offer to this world IS received, even if only in micro amounts. But multiply that by billions and you see your power! Each drop is important to each wave and each wave creates the ocean!

Love is your greatest power dear Ones. So go for the Love! Firstly love YOU! Then you can love all.

We send you big blessings and deep reverence with the hope and prayer that this message opens new seeds of awareness.

Cedona's Higher Self and Loved Ones