Cedona's Angel Writing Blog 1

Dear Higher Self

It is Sat. March 16, 2019. I am asking for your Highest Wisdom and Guidance for all of humanity today. What do you feel humanity needs to hear today to help us all manifest our highest and best inner and outer world? Thank You.

Cedona and All....We are so pleased to be able to offer you higher wisdom during a time humanity can use all the help it can get. Remember, all are on a Soul journey, every single person here on Earth. Yes, we are here too, as we are everywhere!

As we look and see what is happening in your human collective we see that Love is what is missing the most. There has been a tremendous amount of fear generated now and we say you can and MUST shift this for humanity to survive the challenges offered now. Yes, what if all challenges are OFFERINGS - to do something different?

See if you can travel from your head a few inches down, into your Heart centre. Your thoughts indeed will want to have control over your life experience. But if you can take on a new project to train your own mind to rest in your Heart, then you are out of the fear matrix - and truly help yourself and everyone on Earth.

The Earth loves you! Can you allow yourselves to be fully loved? We will leave it at that for now, as we understand this is Cedona's very first blog. We suggest you stay tuned, as there will be much Love, Support and Wisdom coming through here.

We love ALL of humanity and very soon Cedona will too. Much Love to All! Cedona's Angels, Guides and Loved Ones.